Communications and Engagement

Our Communications and Engagement team collaborates with you and thinks strategically to address your project needs – ensuring tailored and meaningful solutions every time. We work quickly and proactively to recognise the complexities of different stakeholder groups and deliver communications and engagement strategies that are inclusive and accessible. We bring insight and experience that enables us to uncover key issues and opportunities. We are skilful in working with local communities as well as with all levels of government and industry. Our team are accomplished listeners, communicators, facilitators and problem solvers.

For more information about our Communications and Engagement practice please contact Brendan Blakeley, Deborah Palmer and Peter Whelan. Our services in this area include:

CE_Comms stake_V1Community and stakeholder engagement

We design and deliver tailored engagement strategies to build understanding, create local ownership and to inform sustainable decision making. Our team creates the right environment for engagement that is open, transparent and effective. We develop and implement tailored strategies with the right mix of techniques to bring people together – including face to face engagement, specialist representative processes, websites, e-consultation and social media. We have skills in every aspect of the engagement lifecycle – from scoping, strategy, design and delivery to interpretation and evaluation.

Elton Consulting has developed many project websites to support our clients’ communication and consultation strategies. We work with you to determine and deliver the best mix of traditional and e-consultation methods.

CE_Strategic comm_V1Strategic communications and advice

We offer a full range of communications services to help you tell your story in the most effective and efficient way possible. We take complex, technical information and make it simple to understand. We will help you to define what to say, how to say it, when to say it, where to say it and who to say it to.

From communications and consultation strategies, detailed stakeholder analysis and proactive and reactive communications material, we curate solutions that work. Our unique insight into the political and community landscape ensures our communication advice is relevant, strategic and tailored to your needs.

CE_Comms relat_V1Community relations

Our team successfully plans and delivers community relations projects for infrastructure and development projects around Australia. From project options development to environmental assessment impact studies, our team works with you to manage all communications, consultation activities and feedback.

In the on-the-ground delivery of projects, we work closely with the surrounding communities and key stakeholders to manage impacts. We specialise in communicating in a clear and consistent way; in anticipating issues before they emerge; and in rapidly responding to events to help you to manage risk, facilitate delivery, avoid unexpected costs and expedite the program.

CE_Media Issues_V1Media and issues management

We are experts at delivering successful media and issues management programs. We advise on how best to formulate communications strategies that maximise the impact of positive news opportunities and minimise the impact of adverse issues facing your organisation.

Our experience working on high profile projects in challenging environments means we can effectively anticipate community, political and media reaction to projects and decisions. We take a strategic and planned approach, working with you to analyse and monitor project risks and effectively manage them.


Facilitation is important in circumstances where people of diverse interests, backgrounds and capabilities need to come together to develop solutions. Using an independent facilitator supports you to achieve the outcomes you need through a tailored group process that enables the group to work cooperatively and effectively.

Working with small or large groups, our facilitators provide independence and have the ability to cut through the political, personal or cultural barriers to get to the core issues or questions. We are skilled at identifying problems, risks, issues, obstacles to change and finding shared solutions. We are also skilled at analysing and reporting on forum outcomes using both graphics and words that helps support decision making.

Please refer to our communications and engagement capability statement for information on our services and the projects we have worked on.

Elton Consulting is recognised as one of Australia’s leading community engagement, consultation and strategic communications firms.