Design Studio

Our award winning designers create the ultimate visual identity for your project and collateral, bringing their talent to tailor online and print materials that support and enhance your content.

The Elton Consulting Design Studio is adept at producing a full suite of materials from websites, brochures and fact sheets to annual reports, tender documents and financial reports.

Elton Consulting has developed many project websites to support our clients’ communication and consultation strategies. We work with you to determine and deliver the best mix of traditional and e-consultation methods.

The Design Studio is run by David Walker. Offered in conjunction with Elton Consulting’s other services or on its own, our skills in this area include:

DS_Print_pub_V1Print and publishing design

We can help you turn your ideas into reality. The right visual appeal engages your audience before they’ve even read a word. Our designers carefully create and combine each different layer to convey your message in an instant. The use of negative space, colour, contrast, typefaces, visual arrangements and proportions are all crafted by our talented designers to draw the eye to the right place at the right time. Incorporating these elements requires a tailored approach for each client and each communication piece.

But great design is only half of the equation. The other half is the final output; the printed piece has to match what’s on the screen. Our knowledge of print processes and materials enhances the layouts and production of the final product. We are able to liaise with your printer, or ours, to ensure you receive excellent quality of work at competitive rates.

DS_Vis_ID_V1Visual identity and project branding

The Elton Consulting Design Studio works to create an identity for each and every communication. Often we achieve this within the established parameters of your corporate identity to reinforce branding, professionalism and credibility. At other times, our focus is on creating a new brand with a consistent look and feel across materials to promote a project’s specific purpose and message.

If you’re looking for clear, consistent branding that says who you are and what you stand for, look no further than Elton Consulting. We talk with you to understand what drives your business and work with you to deliver an enhanced corporate presence.

Our designers can assist you with logo design and development and the production of a professional suite of materials to reinforce your brand identity.

DS_Bid_des_V1Bid design and production

The Elton Consulting Design Studio brings expertise to make your Expression of Interest or tender document stand out from the rest.

Our team provides the right combination of writing, editing and graphic design to give you the winning edge. Elton Consulting is the complete package – we professionally edit, layout and manage the production of your critical documents.

This, combined with our understanding of urban planning, infrastructure and architecture, means we can deliver quality products in tight timeframes. At Elton Consulting, we produce attractive, readable packages that effectively tell the story of your projects.

DS_Dig_Des_V1Digital design and development

An online presence is a critical part of communicating with your audience and creating brand and project awareness. Our Design Studio is focused on understanding the evolving digital world and how people and businesses connect with it. We understand new emerging digital opportunities, technologies and trends and make the most us of them. We can make sure your digital offer is fresh, versatile and, most importantly, effective in meeting your needs and the needs of your stakeholders.

Our digital solutions include website development, website hosting, e-consultation portals and seamless integration of social media, where appropriate.

The Design Studio can also adapt print publications for online viewing – including on smartphones and tablets – develop e-newsletter layouts and create online presentations to speak to your audience.

DS_Dat_vis_V1Data visualisation and infographics

When describing processes or giving instructions, there are many complex relationships to explain – from how things work and the order they work in to how each action affects the overall outcome. Word-based explanations of these relationships can become so muddied and confusing the reader gets lost in a sea of words.

The Elton Consulting Design Studio are experts in “visualising the invisible” – helping you discover an array of ways to communicate systems, processes and offerings to your audience. This is often done through the use of infographics – graphic visual representations of information or data that presents information quickly and clearly.

Please refer to our Design Studio capability statement for more information on our services and the projects we have worked on.


We can help you turn your ideas into reality. The right visual appeal engages your audience before they’ve even read a word.