Strategy and Policy

Our Strategy and Policy practice supports strategic and business planning, organisational change and the reform of services, programs and sectors. We collaborate with organisations and sectors to understand their business and policy context and distil their challenges and opportunities. We use an evidence and engagement-based approach to shape vision and strategy, implemented through governance and operational decisions which achieve success. Our strong analytical and project management skills deliver solutions that are contemporary, strategic and practical.

For more information about our Strategy and Policy practice, please contact Melinda Hewitt. Our services in this area include:

SAP_OrgStratOrganisational strategy and change

Elton Consulting understands organisations and helps them navigate their complex operating environments to improve and change. Experts in facilitating leadership, management and staff teams to work collaboratively, we build consensus to plan and implement workable strategies.

Our approach recognises the importance of leadership, building on organisational strengths and engaging effectively with key stakeholders who significantly impact how successfully change manifests.

We review organisational structures and work collaboratively with organisations to create business improvement strategies, change management and implementation plans, and the communications and engagement methods to support successful change.

SAP_StrategicAndBusinessPlanningStrategic and business planning

Our Strategy and Policy team works with boards, senior executives, staff and other stakeholders to develop strategic and business plans that drive successful implementation.

Our experience in strategic risk management and corporate governance is integrated into our business planning processes. We help our clients make sense of complex and changing operating environments and set clear priorities, strategic directions and measurable outcomes.

SAP_ServicePlanningService planning and program review

We review service and program frameworks, including their purpose, funding and resourcing arrangements and delivery models. We help clarify required outcomes, consider benchmarks and identify delivery options. We engage staff and stakeholders, including communities, clients and customers. We develop approaches that embed cultural change in program and service planning.

In the context of changing community expectations, regulatory and accountability requirements, or constrained finances, we review the eficiency and effectiveness of service delivery arrangements to reshape practical program and service frameworks.

SAP_PolicyPolicy analysis and development

Elton Consulting draws on direct experience in government policy processes and decision making to provide the best advice to our clients. We combine general strategic policy capabilities with specialist expertise in social, affordable and market housing, community services, local government, social sustainability and liveable communities.

We research and analyse policy options and distil complex material into high quality discussion papers and presentations. We undertake literature reviews, case study research and assess qualitative and quantitative data. We have expertise in qualitative engagement, including designing and conducting workshops and focus groups.

SAP_GovernanceGovernance support and advice

We have a deep and practical understanding of best practice governance of community housing associations, other not for profit organisations, local councils and state government entities. We help clients review board governance and decision-making to increase organisational success.

With the challenges of change and increased requirements for partnerships and collaboration, we assist clients to pursue business alliances that deliver strategic and operational benefits. We are experienced in facilitating cross sector partnerships and advising on complex public/private funding, governance and accountability requirements.

SAP_SectorReformSector reform

We support sectors that are undergoing change and growth. We analyse the environment, identify needs and gaps and develop future focussed policy and business models. We undertake sector wide strategic planning and review, develop new governance arrangements and prepare policy and action plans. We also develop practice tools that help to strengthen and accelerate performance improvement.

With expertise in engagement and strategic thinking, we bring sectors and organisations together to collaborate effectively, identify and pursue common interests and deliver better outcomes.

Research to support strategy and policy developmentResearch to support strategy and policy development

Our strategy and policy team relies on high quality data and insights. We regularly undertake desktop, stakeholder and community research to inform the development of evidence based strategies and policies. This includes social and economic analysis as part of reviews and evaluations, place making studies, cost benefit studies, workforce engagement and progress reports involving qualitative and quantitative data from multiple sources. Learn more about our research capabilities.

Please refer to our strategy and policy capability statement for more information on our services and the projects we have worked on.

Elton Consulting has partnered with clients for over 30 years to deliver practical benefits to cities and regions, organisations and communities.