Urban and Regional Planning

Elton Consulting’s Urban and Regional Planning team works collaboratively to create great places and facilities for people in your cities, towns and regions.

Our experienced planning team deliver statutory planning services, environmental and planning assessments. The team also has expertise in strategic planning across greenfield and infill developments, planning scheme amendments including rezoning, planning permit applications for subdivisions and built form, design guidelines and due diligence reports.

We tailor our work according to the specific needs of the state your project is based in with experienced consultants in across Australia. 

Our national urban and regional planning practice is led by Jenny Rudolph and Robert Bennett.

Our services in this area include:

URP_Obt_PlanObtaining planning approvals

Our urban and regional planning consultants understand and manage complex planning approval processes. We do everything from major development applications, crown lease variations, subdivisions and environmental impact assessments, to representation at stakeholder meetings, workshops and forums.

We also offer independent development assessment and in-house support for planning authorities, government agencies and large private enterprises.

We handle state-specific requirements throughout Australia and understand commercial realities in projects. We work with clients to provide frank and confidential advice whilst ensuring sustainable project outcomes.

URP_Strat_LandStrategic land use rezoning

Our team lead strategic land use rezonings, prepare robust rezoning applications and justification reports and submissions to facilitate land use changes.

We work with the private and public sector to consider the best and highest use, overcome challenges, understand and balance competing demands in an effort to create and improve communities.

CE_Media Issues_V1Development contributions

Our team has an exceptional understanding of development contribution logistics and frequently provides strategic advice and critical analysis of state and local infrastructure contributions.

We provide comprehensive supporting studies for local authority contributions and excel in assisting with, and conducting negotiations on Voluntary Planning Agreements.

CE_Facilit_V1Property advice

Our consultants are skilled in planning due diligence, strategic advice and risk assessment. Our ability to understand and navigate extensive and complex planning pathways is what makes our submissions on draft planning instruments, policies, regulations and legislation, the best in the industry.

We analyse your site’s potential, context and constraints to provide advice on the “highest and best use” of the land. We provide development potential, divestment and best planning approval pathways for any development options.


GIS (Geographic Information System) allows us to visualise, question, analyse and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns and trends. Integrating the GIS technology gives our clients the opportunity to optimise maps and plans by creating a unique graphic each time; combining analysis and visualization to provide “location intelligence” to reports, proposals and presentations.


Planning policy, master planning and research

Elton Consulting collaborates with other consulting groups to develop Master Plans, Area Plans, Structure Plans and Development Control Plans (DCPs). Our expertise extends from planning to facilitating design workshops and community engagement.

We are experienced in policy development for the public sector. We take a rigorous and meticulous approach to research and policy development, allowing us to identify innovative and fresh approaches to support your aspirations.

CE_Comms relat_V1Project facilitation

We offer project management throughout the entire planning process, including designing project briefs, managing sub-consultants, advising on issues and managing budgets.

Our consultants understand the relevant regulatory systems in each area and facilitate the process to balance social and environmental outcomes with economic feasibility.


We work and collaborate with state and federal government agencies, universities and think tanks to leverage expertise and deliver bespoke sustainable solutions. We develop policy and plans with an understanding of the social and political environment and an awareness of contemporary environmental practices. We are skilled at identifying best practice methods for resource management and translating technical information into tangible actions.

We are research analysts and science communicators, able to accurately and effectively inform policy and practice that drives practical action and brings clarity to broad audiences.


Please refer to our urban and regional planning capability statement for information on our services and the projects we have worked on.


We tailor our work according
to the specific needs of the state your project is based in with experienced consultants across Australia.